OG Slick’s – Big Dick’s Hardware

A lot of you were following the progress of OG Slick’s latest venture on his IG account: Big Dick’s Hardware. The retail paint supplies and apparel shop has been open for business since August 2014 but he recently opened up online store at: Big Dick’s Hardware Shop.


If you didn’t already know about OG Slick he is a Old School L.A. Graffiti legend from the DISSIZIT! and K2S crew. I got to see his mural in Hawaii this past year for the Pow! Wow! exhibit.


He’s got at least 20 years in the t-shirt game and was behind labels you probably recognize: Third Rail, FUCT, Shaolin and event Crazy Shirts from Hawaii. Oh yeah — He’s also Hawaii born and L.A. raised. Complex named him as one of the 25 Greatest LA Graffiti Writers (in alphabetical order). He is top 5 on my list alongside Saber (Youtube vid) and RISK (Official site)

You might recognize his L.A. Hands (Mickey Hands). He also designed logos and album covers for Boo-yaa Tribe, Pharcyde’s Bizarre Ride and logo which I recently learned was Porn Star Ebony Ayes‘ snatch that the roller coaster was going into. Yes!

The Pharcyde Bizarre Ride OG Slick

I am looking forward to checking out the retail store in the near future and if you are in the L.A. / Gardena area here is the location:
Big Dick’s Hardware 15618 S. Main St, Gardena, CA 90248
web: www.bigdickshardware.com

I just copped one of these “Life’s Not Fairfax” hoodies and some Pineapple air freshener – Stay Fresh! Much respect to OG Slick and his crew holding it down for the West Coast.

Big Dicks Hardware Supreme


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