The Return of the Technics 1200 Turntable

It’s back. Thank you Panasonic! Who said vinyl was dead? I buy about 10 records a week and have over 7,000 records in my collection and growing. I do have an issue collecting stuff and currently own 12 Technics turntables from the OG SL-1200 to a pair of SL-1200MK3D (Japanese editions) with the gold RCAs and SL-1210MK5 with the ability to switch between ±8% and ±16% ranges for pitch adjustment. These are DJ staple. A few companies have tried to introduce decks over the years but I have never played in a club that didn’t have a set of 1200s.

Technics has today announced and showcasing at CES in Las Vegas the return of its direct-drive turntable based on a newly designed direct-drive motor.  The Technics 50th anniversary limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE and non-limited Grand Class SL-1200G will be available later this summer. The 50th anniversary limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE will be available in a limited run of just 1,200 decks.

It is so damn gorgeous and all DJs and vinyl junkies are slobbering over these pictures on FB and IG right now.

Technics-1200-Turntable Technics-SL-1200GAE-Turntable-

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Another gadget that I have been bugging out on lately is portable turntablism with the Vestax Handytrax or Numark PT-01USB Portable USB Turntables with Raiden Faders and 7″ scratch records like the Triad Breaks, DJ Q-Berts Baby Super Seal and Dr. Suzuki The Donuts 7″ Slipmats in Orange. Stay tuned for my next post on Portable Turntablism.

Grand Class SL-1200G/SL1200GAE Specifications

All new design for Redefining the Direct Drive Turntable

  • Twin-Rotor Surface-Facing Direct Drive motor
  • Direct Drive Motor Controller
  • High Sensitive Tonearm
  • Brass-Top Turntable Platter
  • Insulator

Technics Definitive Design

  • Inherited design from the SL-1200 series
  • Heavy Aluminum Top Plate

Turntable Speeds

  • 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm

Variable Range Pitch

  • +8%, +16%

Dimension & Weight

  • W: 453 mm  H: 170 mm   D: 372 mm . / 18kg *tentative
    *Height: including dust cover


  • Phono output x1 / SIGNAL GND x1

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